Games Revisited’s Retro Gaming Hall of Shame!

We are coming up to our three year anniversary, and will be doing a top 50 list of the best Retro Games, that we think you should play.

To prepare you for such a momentous occasion, we are going to show you a very short list of the absolute trash that you should avoid, keeping in mind we avoid bad games where possible, these are games that we tried, and wanted to give a chance, but we found nothing redeemable about them.

We consider these games to be so bad we won’t even link to them. Except to the Sonic Fanboi pages on Reddit.

In no particular order…

Yeah, we know, everyone knows that Bubsy3D is terrible, but our mate Nik (who we should probably mention is no longer our mate) tried convincing us it isn’t as bad as people say. He was wrong.

Fucking awful. Good idea, terrible game – unresponsive, glitchy, short, poorly acted, intelligence insulting nonsense. This counts for all three Mad Dog McCree games.

Only games deserve a score, and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero barely counts as a game so it gets no score. It’s only redeeming quality is that watching somebody else play it is absolutely hilarious.

Sonic Adventure is Shit. We’ll explain in full when we finish our 97 minute long doom-prog album about it.

Sonic the Fighters is pretty much what Sonic fanbois deserved (I take offense to this statement – Craig), terrible imbalanced shite (this statement, however, is incredibly apt – Craig) that sums up our relationship with Team Sonic


16 thoughts on “Games Revisited’s Retro Gaming Hall of Shame!

  1. Nooooo D: Sonic The Fighters was/is so hype. I like to get my brother and cousin over so the three of us can just play it for hours and hours. The gameplay was a blast and Sonic Adventure is one of my all time favorite Sonic games. I can’t really comment on most of the others as I haven’t played them yet.

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  2. You think “Mad Dog McCree” is bad? “Space Pirates” also from American Laser Games is the worst interactive movie I’ve ever seen. Harder to find, and worse, from American Laser Games is the odd FMV shooter “Gallagher’s Gallery.” It features prop comic Gallagher telling you to shoot watermelons and weird food. YIKES. At least it doesn’t take itself seriously, which is the major fault of “Space Pirates.”

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