Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters. Konami (1997) PlayStation

The site has become a bit Capcom heavy, so I am going to try upping the Konami output for the month with Konami Month.


Just like the Lethal Enforcer review this is for the PlayStation version of Lethal Enforcers 2.

Lethal Enforcers 2 was released in arcades in Spring 1994, and got limited console release the same year. Since this isn’t a rushed sequel, has the game been improved? Is it worthwhile?


Well, it is a light gun game… So… Point a gun at a screen, and pew pew. It is on-rails, so you can only pew at what is on screen. And on my playthroughs nothing shot me from off screen.

The shooting seems a little more accurate than in LE1, which is odd as these two games come bundled on the same disc. I was getting around 40% accuracy on a good day in LE1, in LE2 it still wasn’t great, but I was able to hover around the 55% mark. However, the guns still feel inaccurate, and some of the hit hitboxes don’t feel right to me.

Still shit at aiming, but less shit.

Still shit at aiming, but less shit.

Just like LE1, you don’t really complete the game, it just carries on ad infinitum, however, one slight difference is you can do the same levels over and over. LE1 would cross a level out after you beat it, forcing you to choose another. LE2, you could in theory just loop the same level over and over. Not sure why you’d want to, but you can…

The only other difference to gameplay is that if you only graze an enemy with a shot, they may not die. The manual says that if it isn’t a clean shot they may not go down, but there were a number of times I headshot people and they didn’t die. It feels a little unfair, as winged enemies will instahit you back. And since you shot somebody in the head, you don’t expect them to be “winged”. It is an odd system, and in 4 hours of gameplay, I never really got my head round this mechanic.


Instead of being set in “modern Chicago”, LE2 is set in the wild west, and there is no connection to the first game. As a result of the new setting, everything is more brown than the last game. Even the white dudes…

SJWs unite in your outrage!

SJWs unite in your outrage!

The “Indians” are just white dudes in ponchos with the hue/saturation played with, it is a little bit lazy, as at least in LE1 they got Chinese people to play the Triads.

Other than that, the characters are digitised and look ok, they are now much clearer than in LE1, with a greater variety in enemy type, and animation detail. It no longer feels like you’re watching a PowerPoint presentation when characters move.

It is slightly annoying that the civilians are almost indistinguishable from the enemies in some instances.

First screen...

First screen, one of these insta-hits you, one of these is a good guy.


There isn’t one. You’re just in a generic western town. But reading the manual…

Heads up, hombre…

All is silent and deserted as you and your pardner ride down Main Street. It’s 1873 and you’re in a town in the American Wild West, a place where law and order are dirty words. You’ve been sworn in as the territory’s two sheriffs, challenged to rid the town of the desperadoes and outlaws infesting it. As you head up the street, the glint of the sun against metal catches your eye, and you know the showdown’s about to begin…


LE2 is a better game than the first one. But it still isn’t a good light gun game. I give Time Crisis a hard time when first revisiting it, and that is much better than this.

The graphics were novel, and some people will enjoy the high score chasing, however a light gun game needs to be judged primarily on the pewing, and to be honest, that isn’t great. The shooting is improved on the first game, which does redeem the game somewhat, but not improved enough to make the sequel worth while investment..

Pros: Better than Lethal Enforcers 1, shooting is improved

Cons: still not very good, white dudes browning up


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3 comments on “Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters. Konami (1997) PlayStation
  1. lightningnightnova says:

    I’m shocked this game doesn’t have a deep story… /sarcasm

    Great review!

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  2. How did they make the story WORSE after the first game? 😀 The first one’s story in the manual was awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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