Lethal Enforcers. Konami (1997) PlayStation

The site has become a bit Capcom heavy, so I am going to try upping the Konami output for the month with Konami Month.


Originally released in the arcades in 1992, with the home console conversions shortly after. I never saw this in an arcade, so my first experience was the Genesis version that was released around Christmas 1993, as well as a SNES port in mid 1994. I don’t particularly remember it, but I like my light gun games, so here we are.

Suffice to say, as I refused to spend the money required to buy Genesis/arcade versions of Lethal Enforcer, I’ll make do with the PS1 version.


LE is a light gun game, so you point your gun at a screen, and make pew pew noises. It should be simple, and it is easy to do well. Sadly LE doesn’t manage it.

I don’t have a Konami Hyperblaster Gun, and am using my trusty Logic Predator light gun, and this could be a reason for it, but my aim sucks serious balls in LE. Using the same gun on Area 51, or Die Hard Trilogy where i’ll be around the 80% accuracy mark. In LE, I can’t break the 40% barrier. I can aim better doing a no aim/2 gun run in Virtua Cop, so something is seriously up.

Seriously... 32%

Seriously… 32%

There is just something wrong with the game, or how it registers hits, I can put the gun on a tripod, and shoot the exact same spot, but the gun will register shots in roughly a 2 inch diameter around where I am aiming. This doesn’t happen on other PS1 games, with the same gun, on the same TV, so it has to be the game. It is “better” on Lethal Enforcers 2 too.

Vine video demonstrating shitty gun.



For a 1992 arcade game that was native to 16bit consoles, the game actually looks pretty good.

The animations are almost non-existant, as there are 3 frames of it. But for the time, these graphics were cutting edge.

With an inaccurate gun this level is a killer!

With an inaccurate gun this level is a killer!

The background images are still pre-rendered photographs, so everything looks as it should, and the enemies are digitised ala Mortal Kombat, so if this is a style that appeals, you may like it. I do find the lack of animation slightly curious and off putting though. It also makes me want to play the Point Blank series instead.

The Game

Similar to Virtua Cop, you choose what levels you want to do, and what order to do them. There are 5 levels, plus a training level, and they range from VERY HARD to FUCKING HARD. This will be be partly down to my inability to aim in this game, but it is also the reaction times needed to hit a target.

A lot of enemies will attack you after a split second of appearing, this is standard arcade bullshit, and I will always complain about it. But what is worse, is that enemies off-screen can shoot you. On levels such as the moving train, or moving car level, enemies will shoot you before the screen pans to them. It is fucking bullshit.

The final boss is simply insane, I literally lost 90 lives on it the first time I played, and around 60 the second time.

Shoot the purple, then you can shoot the red, then finally the blue... It is hard...

Shoot the purple, then you can shoot the red, then finally the blue… It is hard…

The game also just loops in standard “street” mods. You don’t complete it, beat all 5 stages, do it again. Just keep racking up points. If you want… I don’t. Arcade mode, which is a menu option, will play through in order of level, removing the level choice.


There is no story.The instruction manual has a rather aggressive rant from the Chief of Police.

Can't be fooked typing this.

Can’t be fooked typing this.

But that is it. No story.

According to Wikipedia you’re Don Marshall, but I can’t find anything to verify that.


I do consider myself to be quite good at Light Gun games sinceI play a tonne of them. But for whatever reason, I found LE to be totally unplayable at some points.

It isn’t a good game, the novel graphics from 1992 do not redeem it in any way, and as the core shooting mechanic is so broke I honestly can’t recommend it to anyone.

As it is, it is pretty shit, and as the game is 20 minutes long, unless you can grab a bargain on the PS1 version avoid the game.

Pros: The graphics are good for 1992

Cons: Doesn’t work. The shooting is utter shite. 3 frames of animation.


Wooo! I beat the game on 42% accuracy!

Wooo! I beat the game on 42% accuracy!



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2 comments on “Lethal Enforcers. Konami (1997) PlayStation
  1. That is a shame. No point in even asking if you can play this with a G-Con then 😛 I have noticed in the games I’ve played there is a lot of variation in the lightgun implementation. I had a lot of issues with a pretty crap game called Guncom 2 which would only recognise half of my shots on-screen, the other it would act like I’d shot off-screen. Very weird.

    Also I recently got the Dreamcast lightgun to use with House of the Dead 2 and Confidential Mission, and I found that is rather jittery in both games, which makes aiming difficult. It doesn’t sound so bad as what you’re getting with this game, and I’m guessing it’s just that the Dreamcast lightgun isn’t very good compared with the G-Con 1 & 2 which are the only other lightguns I own.

    Feels good to find a fellow lightgun fan 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have Confidential Mission and HotD2. CM did feel a little bit off now that you mention it.

      It was odo that LE2 works better than LE2, and they are on the same disc.

      I didn’t even try the Guncon on it.

      I have guncom 2, but not got round to it.

      Liked by 1 person

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