Mega Man, Capcom (1987) Nintendo


It has taken me 25 years to finally beat Mega Man 1. I can remember borrowing MM1 and MM2 as a child from my mum’s friend, at that age I don’t think I could beat a level, but as time went on, I’d whip it out and have the occasional bash…

Masturbation metaphors FTW

Since we started this site I have come back to MM every few months, each time getting a little further, each time hitting a new brick wall. Last year I got to the Yellow Devil for the first time, and after around 40 attempts, I beat it.

I then couldn’t do Wily stage 2…

Man it’s hard

So yeah, Mega Man is fucking hard. The stages are nails, and you need to practice, and have pixel perfect jump routines with spilt second timing. It is all doable, but as I discovered a number of times this year, it just isn’t fun trying.

Bombman stage is fairly easy.

Gutsman is annoying with the moving platforms, it does feel a little unfair, and the collision boxes on the platforms don’t quite work (I fell through these a number of times).

After this, Cutman-> Elecman -> Iceman -> Fireman is an easy route to take. Elecman stage is boring, and verticle levels are always a pain, but the levels are all fairly simple. Until Iceman.

Iceman stage is a God damn chore! The disappearing blocks/pit of death sections are just unpleasant. So, go do Elecman and get the Mag beam.  (you’ll need the power arm from Guts), but means you can just skip the fucking glitchey moving platforms. This will save you stress. Seriously.


Dr Light and Dr Wily create Mega Man and the 6 robots to aide humanity. Wily, the wily bugger reprograms the 6 robots and tries to take over the world.


The controls aren’t as refined as Mega Man 2, which is understandable, 1 does come first. The problem is, going backwards makes life so much more difficult. Mega Man just doesn’t control the same and it causes problems. The jump is simply less refined, you don’t have the same control over what you’re doing as other, better platforming games.


I touched on my boss order earlier, and just don’t try to do it in any other order. If you do it in that order, using the previous bosses power you’ll be able to beat the current one in 3-4 hits.

Bombman -> Gutsman ->Cutman-> Elecman -> Iceman -> Fireman

megaman boss order

The. Yellow. FUCKING. Devil

Man, this fucktard is imprinted in my nightmares! The level of precision and timing required is insane, watch the video of it, it looks easyish, but it isn’t. Each wave has 3 hard to make jumps and at least 1 I will always get hit by. It is just insane.

Assuming you survive a wave, you have half a second to shoot him in the eye (while avoiding his projectile), before he starts a new wave of disassembling/reassembling.

The glitch to beat him comes in handy, as if you select pause the game while using Elecmans beam, it will register a hit every unpause. Do this. Don’t even attempt to fight him fair, he isn’t fair. He is a cunt, and fuck him.


Mega Man just isn’t fun, it is such a chore that feels like you’re just enduring for the sake of beating it. Mega Man 2 is fun, it feels fairer, when you mess up, you messed up. MM1 there is too much to get perfect for it to enjoyable fo anyone other than the hardcore fan.

The main reason it took me over a year to finally beat it is that I simply couldn’t be bothered playing. I’d get so far, and just be too angry to carry on.

Other factors such as serious sprite flicker and slow down diminish the game too, if you have more than 3 enemies on screen at a time the game crawls. It means that Mega Man just isnt very good. It certainly isn’t that much fun to play.

A lack of password system also means I can’t be fucked going back to it.

It isn’t “bad”, just not that fun.

Pros: It started Mega Man?

Cons: Sprite flicker and game slow down, few collision issues, anger inducing


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12 comments on “Mega Man, Capcom (1987) Nintendo
  1. p2d2 says:

    Seriously, fuck the yellow devil, lol! Probably one of the hardest boss fights in all games.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I LOVE this game! We need more platformers this hard (with its fundamental problems solved of course)! Mega Man has been my favorite vg character ever since. And since you beat it, now you have some pretty insane bragging rights heheheh…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Goric says:

    MM was quite an obscured title for me back then, even more difficult than Guiden Ninja! I gave up on it pretty soon. And went on Bucky O’Hare instead!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Goric says:

    This is perseverance! But I’ll take codes, thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Goric says:

    Git gud!..Back in a day!!.. git gud!!!👍

    Liked by 1 person

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