Resident Evil, Capcom (1996) PlayStation

Resident Evil PAL cover

This is the ORIGINAL release of a Game that not only spawned (to date) over 20 sequels, but currently has 3 remakes.

So, for a game to get 4 remakes, it must either be one of the best games ever, or a deeply flawed gem in need of a polish.

So what is it?

Where to start?

Errrr, the difficulty… Yeah, seems a sensible place to start.

Resident Evil is pretty freakin hard.Don’t fuck up, not even once. Waste a few bulletts? You know what? You might as well start again. Ammo and health replenishing items are NOT your friend, you have to scour the entire game just to find 10 ink ribbons. Seriously, I actually counted (As Chris)! You get (I realise I missed some)

  • 225 pistol rounds
  • 121 shotgun shell
  • 36 magnum rounds
  • 27 green herbs, 3 red, and a few blue you’ll never need to pick up

1 green herb will take you from red health to yellow health, the pistol takes 6-9 shots to kill a zombie, hunters take 3-4 shells, and the tyrant takes 15 rounds from the magnum.

So, again. If you miss, you’re pretty much fucked.

I tried taking on Christopher (the first Zombie) with the knife, I died 4 times.

And you know what? It is awesome.

Resident Evil isn’t 80’s Capcom hard, but it is one of the harder games on the PS1 (that I have played), the Hunters arrival in the middle of the game is still terrifying. These guys can (and will) one shot decapitate you if they catch you with the jump swipe, so you don’t fuck around with these guys, see one, use the shotgun.


I know this is the original, and I should explain the story, but I reckon you have played one of the other four versions already, so i’ll be brief and copy and paste it from the REBirth review..

Resident Evil starts with S.T.A.R.S (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) Alpha team sent into investigate the missing Bravo Team helicopter (which decided to blow up at the start of Zero). Depending on which character you choose (Jill or Chris) you make it to the mansion, where zombie horroreyness ensues, your party is split up, and you must figure a way out of the mansion. Obvious villain reveal is obvious, and Umbrella are evil.


Right, lets be honest. Resident Evil looks like shit, it is a low poly nightmare, and other than the nice pre rendered backgrounds, all the characters look like shit.

Looks like ass

Looks like ass

The live action sequences still feel bizarre, but,by their nature, look better than the atrocities that are the Resident Evil 2 FMVs. The less said about live action FMVs the better though.

Leon looks like a monster...

Leon looks like a monster…

Saved Jill

Saved Jill

The voice acting is TERRIBLE, if you have never experienced the glory of it, here you go!

Not sure which lines are worse, the Jill Sandwich, or master of lock picking… Seriously, watch that video.

Boss Fights

You can see these coming, I mentioned a lack of ammo, but when in a room with 14 shotgun shells and 3 green herbs, you know shit is about to do down.

The first snake fight is skippable, the 2nd snake fight will take pretty much all your shotgun shells, the spider will take all your magnum, and the plant take your remaining shells.

Surprisingly the boss fights are the easiest parts of the game as this is the only time you get ammo.


I thought this version of the game would be awful, I honestly thought I would hate it. But it is still surprisingly good, it hasn’t aged as well as Resi 2 or Resi 3, but overall, if a little rough around the edges, it is still a great game that offers a fair challenge. At 5 hours long you have no reason to not play it.

The lack of ammo, and the paltry health supplies mean Resident Evil was, and remains the true creator of the Survival Horror genre.

Pros: Still offers a nice challenge, Christopher

Cons: Looks like a hairy arse sat on a glass table, TANK controls


FYI, This is Christopher

FYI, This is Christopher

I'm awesome. I write about videogames occasionally but spend most time painting and playing Warhammer in varying formats.

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