Point Blank 3, Namco (2001) PlayStation



Point Blank 1 was good, Point Blank 2 wasn’t great.

So, will PB3 be as much as a step down as PB2 was to PB?

Read on, you’ll soon discover.

Short answer is no

Point Blank 3 is pretty damn good. They removed a lot of the stupidly hard stuff, and went back, and simplified everything by recreating the emphasis on fun minigames. There is an increased difficulty curve from 1, but it feels much fairer than it did in Point Blank 2.

There are no more kill 30 people in 10 seconds but only 28 people appear. No more kill 50 in 20 seconds and avoid the screen full of 3000 hostages either.

Point Blank 3 skeleton screenshot

Point Blank 3 skeleton screenshot

Is it better than Point Blank 1?

Errrm, Yeah. It is. There are more games, the games are better, the mechanics of the games are have been improved, overall, it is just better.

The defense games are still not my favourite style due to the frantic nature of them. But I love the slow methodical “intelligence” games. Adding sums might sound easy, but getting them in order, and right proves, difficult under pressure from the timer.

The Physics on this level are pretty cool

The Physics on this level are pretty cool

 Game Modes

There is no story mode, which for me is a good thing. PB1 story was tediously long, the PB2 story was “arcade mode +” so offered no “story”.

Endurance mode makes a return, and due to the fairer nature of the minigames, it is infinitely more fun to play, so too is the party mode.

Like the Russian Police, this is tough but fair.

Like the Russian Police, this is tough but fair.


There isn’t much to say here. If you have never played a Point Blank game, go read the Point Blank 1 review. What we have here is Point Blank 1 but better.

Pros: Fun, nice challenge level

Cons: The music between minigames is terrible