Mega Man X2. Capcom (1995) Super Nintendo

Mega Man X2

I love Mega Man X, and I even shelled out £120 buying a boxed copy, and it got me thinking, guess I’ll try and get X2…

Don’t bother trying to get X2 in PAL regions, that shit is expensive. Jap, and NTSC regions have it better, and they can get copies for $60, PAL it’ll cost you £300 minimum for X2…

So… I bought it on the WII Virtual Arcade for £7.

The plot

Set 6 months after Mega Man X, a new set of Reploids are on the loose, and are baring the mark of Sigma. Three powerful Reploids (Serges, Violen, and Agile) form the X-Hunters, and set out trying to capture/kill X and his team of Maverick Hunters.

Other than that, it is your typical Mega Man. 8 Robot Masters Replicant Androids (Reploids), with silly names and powers vaguely related to their names. If you thought Boomer Kuwanger or Spark Mandril were pushing the boundaries on silly names, let me introduce you too:

  • Overdrive Ostrich
  • Wire Sponge
  • Wheel Gator
  • Bubble Crapb
  • Flame Stag
  • Morph Moth
  • Magna Centipede
  • Crystal Snail

The enemies are… abstract. I mean… Come on… Wire Sponge!!!

Try and put a name to the face... Bet you'll struggle

Try and put a name to the face… Bet you’ll struggle

The Game

As you would expect, Mega Man X2 controls exactly the same as X, but this time you get some slightly different upgrades. You now start with the dash ability, so the new “leg upgrade” allows you to air dash. This move is crucial to learn for getting the sub-tanks, heart pieces later.

The Head Upgrade, now allows you to search for hidden routes, it is a good addition, and means you can stumble on some of the secrets without resorting to a guide.

Use the head upgrade to find secrets

Use the head upgrade to find secrets

The X-Buster upgrade is the same as MMX1, it allows you to charge your weapon a 3rd level, and gives you the secondary attack for the Reploid powers. This again, is crucial for some secrets, you will need to use a combination of Air Dash, and a fully charged Speed Burner (Flame Stag’s power) to reach some places, it adds a new layer, and means you can’t go straight from X to X2 without putting a bit of practice in.

Like in MMX, you have to revisit each stage multiple times if you want to get everything. And there is a lot of stuff to collect. 8 Heart Tanks, 4 sub-tanks, 4 upgrades. But now, you get the 3 X-Hunters…

On a number of stages, there is a secret area where you can fight one of the three X-Hunters. Beat them, and you get a Zero Part. Get all 3, and… You don’t have to fight the hardest, most awesome boss. Instead, Zero will turn up and save your ass like at the start of MMX.

Mega Man X2 Wheel Gator

This isn’t the hard as shit fight…


X2 is harder than x1. but it is still nowhere near as hard as the original Mega Man games. Having said that, most bosses are all but immune to your x-buster, so as a result, you really need to tackle the bosses in order. Each boss has his weakness, which will double or quadruple your damage to them. Some bosses are obvious (ice beats fire), but I am not sure why a Wire Sponge is strong against a Wheel Gator, I guess it is electricity on metal, but… ummpph, it will take some trial and error to figure out.

Subtanks have now been nerfed a little too, they take much longer to fill, and they do not gain all your health back. MMX final bosses were a little easy with 4 subtanks, on MMX2 you’re made to work for your subtanks.


I mentioned the heart tanks etc earlier, and some of you may be wondering about any other secrets…

You know, like the one in MMX…

Well, you know what? There is, and it is better!

In X2, you get…



To get it requires a lot of skill and mastery of all the moves. I’m not good enough to do it, but if you watch the video you can see the skills required to get it.

Needless to say, the following video contains spoilers.


I have played a lot of Mega Man games, and this is the best for me. That might change if I ever get a copy of X3. But for now, you can rest assured that Mega Man X2 is one of the best games I have ever played.

The moment you’re reunited with Zero made me squee!

Pros: Hidden depth, looks and plays like a dream, ZERO! Shoryuken!!!

Cons: The Reploid names are full on retarded. Have to follow a fairly strict boss order


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3 comments on “Mega Man X2. Capcom (1995) Super Nintendo
  1. p2d2 says:

    Certainly a unappreciated gem, most people NEVER played this. I blew money at the blockbuster video a lot, so I played the hell out of it!

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