Opinion: What is the worst trope in zombie games?

This isn’t really an opinion piece, as I am more interested in your opinions on this. But what is the worst feature, trope, or cliche in a zombie game?

1. Psychopaths (My Least Favourite)

I hate these. They are usually present, and usually they ruin the game for me. Telltale’s Walking Dead handles them well.

I know people will go a bit insane in a zombie apocalypse, but it is the frequency of them in a game. I don’t think 50% of your surviving population is going to be bat shit crazy as they are in most games, I can handle 2-3 in the game, but not the usual 40-50%.

2. Conspiracy

There is always one. They vary in quality, but at some point the military come in, and kill everyone. EVERY TIME.

One of the few exceptions is the Walking Dead, I have not read the COMIC, so I don’t know fully. But the Zombie thing, just kinda happened. I am ok with this.

What I am not OK with, is “the [insert evil people] did it”.

3. Wesker (Craig’s least Favourite)

Played a zombie game without a Wesker? You know, the guy who from the moment they appear on screen you know they’re the ones who double cross you at the end? Yeah, they need to stop.

4. Contrived plots

You know what? Zombies aren’t real, I have had to come to terms with this, but video games, and films seem hellbent on trying to explain why the dead have reanimated, we don’t need it. I don’t become emotionally invested in your story.

There are caveats to this, the first 4 Resident Evils had stories, Zero even had a story. 4/5/6 I don’t really care what happened. Last of Us has a nice story, Walking Dead has an awesome story, when the story is good it is usually because they focus on the CHARACTERS, and the emotional journey they go on. Stop wasting so much time on Mission Impossible style plot twists, retwists, and more twists.


I don’t need a reason to kill zombies, they’re zombies. The point of zombies is they are undead and I am going to make them dead again.

Whether it is a fungal infection, a virus, god, or bad luck. I don’t care. I just want to murder undead people. Please allow me to go and do it, without trying to shoehorn in the 4 above points

Did I miss something? I something worse than those 4 points? Let me know

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3 comments on “Opinion: What is the worst trope in zombie games?
  1. jerevendrai says:

    I agree, especially the contrived plots and explanations one. I dislike the use of characters that do nothing but get into trouble and require rescue. Another thing, mainly from RE2 is that zombies appear harder to kill in some cutscenes that they do in the game.


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