Mega Man X, Capcom (1994) Super Nintendo


I probably can’t talk about Mega Man X without telling you to go watch Ego Raptor’s Sequelitis video. It is good, and unusually well balanced for an internet video, though he may be single handily responsible for the price of Mega Man X going through the roof. My copy cost £125…

So, is Mega Man X one of the greatest game ever?

The Story

Some years after the events of Mega Man, Dr Light creates a new type of robot capable of independent thought. As the previous 40 or so robots went mad, he decides to freeze this robot.

100 years later Dr Cain discovers this robot, which turns out to be X, a better version of the Mega Man model.

Dr Cain decides to replicate him, what could go wrong?  The robots turn evil, and you need to jump and shoot your way to the 8 stupidly named bosses, and finally Sigma.

The level select screen

The level select screen

The Game

Thankfully there is no rush (the fucking dog) to deal with, and with the extra buttons on a SNES pad you can now hot swap between weapons using ‘L’ and ‘R’.

Other than that? The game is basically the same, just refined and improved. It still handles perfectly, and the new additions are awesome, wall running feels natural, and the dash/jump is easy to master.

Gone are the single screens, they are now replaced with sprawling levels, with dozens of secrets scattered around encouraging exploration.

The boss fights are no longer rock/paper/scissor affairs Some do have a weaknesses (Spark Mandrill with Chill Penguin’s Ice Shotgun [Told you they had stupid names]), but on the whole it isn’t one gun to kill them.

Levels now require multiple visits, and the level will change based on what you have done, for example, killing Chill Penguin, will freeze over Flame Mammoths level, and will grant you access to a Heart piece in the Lava. Flame Mammoth’s flame thrower will give you access to the heart piece on Chill Penguins level, so no matter what, you have to revisit levels to get everything.

You can do everything in whatever order you want, and due to the openness of the levels, you don’t really need to follow a specific order in downing bosses, but powers from one boss will be needed to unlock secrets.


Jump, or dash past his attack, and then shoot…



Mega Man is a traditionally hard series, and my only real complaint about Mega Man X is that it is relatively too easy in comparison to the original series. Some bosses are hard the first time you fight them, but once once you figure out the attack pattern of the bosses, they can become a little easy.

There are suggested orders for doing it, but I found I could do most of the bosses with just the buster (Sting Chameleon and Boomer Kuwanger excluded).

The intro level

The intro level is just annoying frankly. First time you’re playing the game it is handy, as it teaches you everything in the first minute of the game. Only problem is, you have to sit through it every time you play.

Zero Kicking Vile's ass

Zero Kicking Vile’s ass


I love the music in Mega Man X. It probably isn’t as strong a soundtrack as Mega Man 2, but some of the individual tracks are pretty epic. Spark Mandrill’s music rocks, and I am fairly partial to Storm Eagle’s stage theme.


Now I wont tell you where they are, but every level has 2-3 secrets, be it a Heart, Sub-Tank or Upgrades, so exploration is essential in Mega Man X (or just reading an Internet guide).

the final ultimate secret? You get the Hadouken.

Get all your sub-tanks, get all the upgrades, get all the hearts, kill all 8 Mavericks, and do Armoured Armadillo’s level 4 times (do the last section 4 times), getting to the ledge above the boss entrance, the secret upgrade will appear.

I’ll be honest, No, I haven’t done this. I can’t be arsed. It means you can one shot any boss, and frankly, the game is easy enough to do without Hadoukaning the final boss. If you want to know how to do it, watch the guide here. It is a cool secret.


Mega Man X is an awesome game, it is probably the best Mega Man game in terms of level design, bosses, and power ups, the only thing that lets it down for me is the game is just too easy.

Pros: Nice boss fights, Sigma and Vile are cool, Zero is Cooler. No Rush.

Cons: The intro stage, a bit easy, I STILL don’t know what a Boomer Kuwanger is supposed to be…


It might not be worth £125 though…


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6 comments on “Mega Man X, Capcom (1994) Super Nintendo
  1. p2d2 says:

    Boomer is a beatle, I admit, I fucking googled it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loveeed Mega Man X. It is one of my favorite games. This reboot of Mega Man sent fans absolutely crazy. He shoots charged shots, he dashes and he has what I believe to be one of the cooolest WALL JUMPS of any gaming hero in the history of gaming. I believe it had the best music by far out of the entire series. Megaman X 2 was good and though people will disagree I only liked the Music for X3 on the PSX.

    TBH, Mega Man X is too easy for more veteran gamers, these days people need prompts and additional tutorials to play most games and I’m not sure a generation like that would find a game like this easy. You said that Boomerkuwanger and Sting Chameleon was hard with the Xbuster alone but I would also add launch octopus, Armored Armadillo and Spark Mandrill for the lesser experienced.
    it’s a real shame they messed up the series. A real shame. I get so angry but I have learned to hummmmmm.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think by the time I wrote the review I was on my 3rd or 4th run so the newb in me was diminishing. I’ve got X3 on PS1 but still not actually played it, same with MM 3,4 and 5.

      I think i should do a megamanathon

      Liked by 1 person

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