Sonic Adventure, Dreamcast. (1999) Sega






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8 comments on “Sonic Adventure, Dreamcast. (1999) Sega
  1. jamym says:

    It is hard to disagree with this review.

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  2. Tony Wilkins says:

    Fair enough, lol


  3. […] is what I get for taking requests. But if I want to win a Pulitzer Prize for my earth-shattering Sonic Adventure review, I’d better show that I’ve done my research. Now, to be fair, Sonic Adventure […]


  4. […] Sonic Adventure is the pinicle of terrible game to us. Sonic Adventure 2 is a close second… I have no measurable scale for how awful Bubsy 3d actually is. […]


  5. clawfox says:

    Sonic1 through to Sonic and Knuckles are ALL way better than this. SA should never have been made – why ruin a great format with forced 3d?!??! Terrible. And a more than fair review.


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