Dino Dini’s Soccer Eurocom/Virgin (1994) Super Nintendo

Dino Dini Front

World Cup Fever has hit us here a Games Revisited and frankly, we’re a bit sick of it!

So, we will review some old football games, and first up is Dino Dini’s Soccer on the Super Nintendo.

Dino Dini’s Soccer on the SNES is an “interpretation” from the Sega Genesis version, which is a port of the Atari version.  Dino Dini did not want his name associated with it, as unlike the previous versions, he had no control over the development process. It actually comes up with “based on a game by Dino Dini” (like makes it fine for using his name!)

Anyway it is a port of the Amiga game “Goal!”, but with simplified controls to make running with the ball easier, ie, the ball sticks to the players foot.

Think Sensible Soccer but not as good.


As with the Sensible Soccer review, its a football (soccer) game, so you know what to do!

Gameplay wise it is very similar the Sensible Soccer, which is still my favourite of all the football games, it just doesn’t feel as smooth.

You’ll end up fouling a lot, in the roughly 7 games I played in the world cup mode, I gave away 4 penalties, got booked about 5 times (but so did the opposition), it’s something that has left the modern games and I really do miss it.

That’s where the similarities end. When you get a set piece, free kick, throw in, goal kick and penalty you get this line of footballs showing you where you are aiming, how far you are kicking it and how high. It is helpful and means you don’t just kick it anywhere. When you get a direct free kick or penalty you aim it at goal but it pushes you away so you can’t just aim in the top corner every time you have to keep moving it then shoot quickly adding a little bit of skill to a simple game.

The controls are a bit weird the three buttons that actually kick the ball have no effect on how hard you shoot or pass, so you’re not sure where the ball will go, sometime it will go miles or about a foot in front of you!

Dino Dini 1


The camera angle is that of the top down verity  paying up an down as with Sensible Soccer which means it does play pretty quickly. In the pretty impressive options you can change the orientation of the pitch so you play left to right but this just makes it near impossible to play. You can change nearly everything from  the pitch (texture grass stripes),  three slightly different menu music, and how you want the background of  the menu to look… which is all fairly pointless, but it does beat most Fifa for menu options

Dino Dini 2

Dino Dino is unlicensed, so has the similar made up names as with Sensible Soccer and only has international teams, this comes with two main tournaments World Cup and Championships. I did the World Cup option as we are in the middle of one. You can do the qualifying (ED: Was this the first to have qualifiers? I can’t remember one before FIFA98) , which allows you to watch other matches, but I chose just the finals option, because… SOD THAT!.

Dino Dini 4

So, as England, I was thrown into a group with France, Germany and Honduras. First game in the group was Honduras vs Germany with the obvious result of 1-0 to Honduras! This also came as a surprise as you only get 2 point for a win (ED:this was the norm pre-USA 1994), when I finally played my 3 games in the group stage (three draws). The second surprise was that the top 3 went through (ED: Again, pre 1994…).

I did mange to get to the final, against Brazil with England. This ended in a heroic 1-0 win (Shame the real England team can’t defend for shit). You don’t score many goals in this game, and if you do, it is from set plays (ED: So still better than FIFA).

Dino Dini 3


Pros: Set pieces, tackling is fun, solid modes

Cons: Controls, Graphics are like Sensible Soccer but bulky, and it doesn’t work… l


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