Kirby’s Dream Land. HAL Laboratory. (1992). Gameboy


kirby dream land game boy

Kirby is awesome. Kirby’s Dream Land isn’t…


Apparently; there is a story to this, but it isn’t immediately obvious from playing the game. According to the Kirby Wiki King Dedede has stolen all the food in Dream Land, and Kirby has to get it back…Kirby-s_Dream_Land_-_1992_-_Nintendo

The enemies seem a little plagarised. Your main enemies, are flying Goombas, Boos, and ShyGuys. There are also some familiarities between this pink blob (he is actually white in the here), and everyone’s favourite green Dinosaur. (Both suck in enemies and shoot them out)



There is a surprisingly large amount of depth to Kirby’s move set, and almost all of his abilities for the whole series are introduced right away. Eating enemies, spitting them out as projectiles, puffing up to fly. Basically everything other than his mimic ability was introduced here. You get 4 lives including 0 (so 5), and can pick more up in the secret room scattered about the levels. You also get continues, so you will finish this game by default. There are 5 levels. The first 4 which are about 90 seconds long WITH FULL EXPLORATION, which are your standard platforming type levels. The 5th, is a little Megamanny, you get to do the 4 bosses again (in any order). The only difference, is you repeat a very short 20 second level  before the boss fight. Kirbys Dream Land boss level At the time of release Gameboys cost £19.99 to £35.00 in the UK, even at £20 I would say that is too much for this game. There is just so little here. This is not a limitation of the Gameboy, this is a limitation of the game. If you don’t complete this game in less than 15 minutes on your first play through then put the Gameboy down, and give up gaming.


The game is so short, I don’t see any point in writing much more. Seriously, this has taken longer to write than play. The game isn’t bad, there is nothing wrong here. It plays well, but it just doesn’t do anything. This game is currently rated as the 17th best Gameboy game of all time (according to If that is the case, I do not hold much hope for the Gameboy. This game is mediocre to average, at best.

Pros: Introduced one of Gaming’s greatest mascots