Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Imagineering. (1991) Gameboy

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Gameboy

Who remembers the film?(RAISES HAND)

Who remembers the sequel with George Clooney? (RAISES HAND)

Well, here you get neither. This based on the popular 90’s cartoon, and it is pretty good (the cartoon and the game).


I didn’t know this, but there is also a NES game where you play as Chad, the young boy from the cartoon. However, in the Gameboy version you are Wilbur, a hero from the “Tomato War“. There is a surprising amount of detail in the back story, and it is well worth watching the movies/cartoons to do some catching up.


As I mentioned, there are two versions of the game, and from what I can tell the stories are the same. You set of on your way through 11 missions, to beat the evil Dr Gangrene, and prevent him using his doomsday device.

I have read various reviews/website claiming you are Chad in the Game Boy version, but NO. YOU ARE WILBUR. I assume these people have not actually played the game or I guess they think, because you have a skateboard you’re Chad. But it isn’t, seriously internet! Stop lying! Want proof? SCREENSHOT, BITCH!

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Game Boy

The above screenshot also demonstrates how the story is relayed to you. Whitley White, the reporter for San Zucchini gives you background and developments in between levels as “cut scenes”. It is a good system, and allows you to get more out of the Game Boy.


So with some deviation to the NES version, you run/skate/parachute and  stab/kick /jump on Killer Tomatoes, who, do have a habit of killing you!

It is actually pretty hard playing it right now. The tomatoes come out of nowhere, and your basic attack (kick) has a pathetically short range. This causes you to rely on your jump attack, but with various environmental hazards and flying tomatoes, it means you’ll take damage. A LOT.

You also get swords, which instakill most enemies, and do huge damage to bosses. But they are limited, and you have to explore a lot to find them. Which in turn, means you’ll take damage. A LOT.

On some levels you jump up the screen, rather than left to right. These levels break up the game well, and other a decent amount variety. But dear god. You die. A LOT. In some places, unless you memorize the whole level, you’ll jump into the same enemies, as you jump up screen and get tomato in the face.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Game Boy Screenshot

The UI, isn’t that clear, from the above screenshot, you get various icons, and it isn’t that clear what each one means. But…

The heart is lives, the medal is hit points remaining (NOT A LOT), small tomatoes collected (killing a tomato lets 2 little ones out),  how many swords, your score, and your remaining time. Not pictured, are the icons for the parachute, and the can of tomatoes. This is the “key” in this game. You need to find the can of tomatoes to be able to finish the level. On some levels they are in the open, some levels above death pits, other times, hidden in SODDING bins!!!

The bosses offer a decent challenge, and are still difficult, even now. But they can be won, by saving all your swords and then spamming their faces off


The game remains fun, it can frustrating at times. It never stops being annoying when things appear quickly off-screen, and your kick is annoying.

Pros: The theme tune! Boss fights

Cons: Slowdown… Off-screen enemies raping and pillage your mediocre life A LOT


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