Little Big Adventure. Adeline Software International (1994) PC


I HATE Little Big Adventure (Also known as Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure )

I was reading The 30 greatest video games that time forgot – part two article on the Guardian website , and Little Big Adventure was featured.

So I though “Hey, that’s on Good Old Games, might as well try it!”

I played for about an hour, and couldn’t get out of the first screen, but I persisted, and I tried with all my might.


This game features STUFF. I don’t know, I really can’t play this game.

The different stances are a good idea, and I do like that, but they are fiddly and unresponsive when you try to do things too quickly for the game. You can only do certain things in certain stances, normal stance allows you to interact/talk. Athletic mode, lets you run/jump. Aggressive mode lets you attack, and discreet makes you “stealth walk”.

Since this was a PlayStation and a PC game, I would have thought they would have more buttons doing things. On the PC, you get

Directional buttons (not WASD)
Ctrl – Cycles through stances
Space – is the action of your stance
Enter is enter
F1-F4     – Change the stance.

Since I was sucking so much, I went on an online guide , and I still can’t really do anything. Everything is so clunky, and awkward that the game is borderline unplayable at times.


This is not a good introductory puzzle…


The game still looks good enough. The colour scheme works well, and everything has a nice cartoony vibe, the characters are unique and memorable, but my god the animation is clunky!


It looks alright…


I really hate this game, from a brief look on the internet, others quite like it. But this really isn’t for me, I can’t get over the poor controls and clunky interface, the awkwardness, and the pointlessly fiddly attempts at puzzles. I played for about 5 hours, and eventually got out of the first time. But in the end, I figured why waste my time playing something I am getting no fun from, and promptly quit.

There are worse games out there, and the graphics are OK, there is a likable enough story if you can get into it, but I just hate Little Big Adventure. Not for me.

Pros: Nice graphics, cut scenes are actually OK

Cons: Instadeath bullshit, Animations, controls, narration/text disconnect


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2 comments on “Little Big Adventure. Adeline Software International (1994) PC
  1. davesyndrome says:

    Haha, loved this;
    So I went on an online guide and I still can’t really do anything.


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