Super Meat Boy.Team Meat. (2010). Xbox 360



Super Meat Boy is an independent video game developed by Team Meat in 2010.

You control Super Meat Boy, a square slab of meat, in a fast paced, dangerous world. The aim of the game is to save your girlfriend, Bandage Girl (a pink square, complete with flower), from your arch nemesis, Dr. Fetus (literally a foetus in an incubator atop a tux-suited robot body… yup). All this whilst trying to keep your meaty bits in one piece (an important moral we can all relate to).

Super Meat Boy world map

The Gameplay

The game consists of hundreds of levels, over several exotic worlds including, ‘The Hospital’, ‘The Salt Factory’ and, of course, ‘Hell’. You will find yourself traversing hazardous environments and avoiding all sorts of things designed to kill you with just one touch. All of this in glorious 8-bit graphics!

Gameplay is super simple, with just left and right to move, a run button (which you’ll find yourself holding constantly) and a jump button (which is pressure sensitive; the longer you hold, the higher you’ll jump). The game is designed for you to progress as fast as you can through levels (even the music is fast!). After a few tutorial levels, you’ll quickly master the necessary fine control and split-second timing, combining sprinting, long jumps and wall jumps. All this to reach the goal, your precious Bandage Girl.

This is a very simple game and you will die. A LOT. There are wall mounted saws, lava bubbles, salt pits, fan blades, hypodermic needles, bosses, ghosts, red things, them fucking missiles that split into eight more fucking missi-FUCK!! One touch of any nasties and you’re dead. You die so much that there’s even a boss which is made up of all the corpses of previously deceased Super Meat Boys O_o


The only downside to this game would be the later, insanely difficult levels. Hardcore gamers will relish the challenge of it and I’m sure most have given up along the way (I must admit that I myself have had the odd swear-off with the screen). Because of this, I would say that this is not the type of game that a casual gamer would thoroughly enjoy.

Super Meat Boy is totally up there in the ‘Games that will induce superior RAGEQUIT‘ category. You know that feeling you get when you want to throw your TV through your Xbox? You’ll get that a lot with this game.

To combat the rage, the game has a feature which I feel is a really important factor in a lot of games.. The speed in which you can retry a level. Nobody wants to have to sit and look at a loading screen for a full minute in any game just because you died. If you fuck up in Super Meat Boy.. you can try again pretty much instantly. Like a second! It’s brilliant. This feature just adds to the feel of speed throughout the game, if you die it doesn’t matter, just go. QUICK! It’s on again!

The Features

There’s freakin loads to do in this game! Each world has a percentage gauge attached to it and you’ll get a massive sense of achievement once you get your first 100%. I’ve had this game for over a year and I’m still missing bits!
The difficulty curve is spot on, you’re gradually introduced to harder and harder challenges as the game goes on. On top of the hundreds of normal levels, there are super hard versions of these levels (once a time target has been met). It’s got secret glitch levels, user created levels, collectables, warp zones, unlockable characters with different abilities, achievements.. probably other shit too.. FFFFUUUUU!


The Presentation

Each world starts and ends with a little cut scene to explain what’s going on. They’re only short and normally show a bit of the world or the upcoming boss but, for me, I found myself looking forward to seeing them with their video game references, awesome animation and fucked up sense of humour. The bosses themselves are innovative and challenging and require a bit of thinking. Everything new you have learnt in previous levels is required to defeat each world boss so you actually feel like you’re improving as the game progresses.
Considering it’s all in 8-bit graphics, it even looks good! The little meaty trail that Super Meat Boy leaves on everything he touches, the blood splats left over from various gruesome ends, the evil shit demon.. SO PRETTY! Your retro glands will be sufficiently tugged.


The Verdict

All-in-all, I think this game is pretty perfect for us hardcore gamers. If you’re not the biggest gamer, I’d still recommend giving it a go just for the fun of it, you’ll get a good laugh. If you’re up for the challenge and want to play something AWESOME.. Play Super Meat Boy. Maybe one day you’ll be this good.. :O


Pros: Highly addictive, progressive difficulty, instant retry, simple controls, loads of level, packed with shit!

Cons: Extremely difficult in parts, May not appeal to casual gamers, Level 5-7 Warp Zone “The Kid” = RAGEQUIT (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Overall Score: 91%